I have had the pleasure of knowing Olga Hanyecz as both a student of photography and as a client. When I started her classes I knew nothing of photography, but wanted to learn to take better photos of my family. Her classes were fun and informative. She was extremely demanding and did not accept poor work. Needless to say I improved a lot and went on to take her advanced class. I now am able to enjoy a new hobby thanks to Olga’s lessons.

In addition to wanting to take better photos of my family myself, I have also used Olga as a portrait photographer of my children. My girls love working with Olga and she is able to capture the real essence of my children in her photos. I will treasure the photos she has done for us forever.

Carol Cobb

I will like to thank Olga for sharing her great knowledge about photography in such an easy language, for her inspiration and encouragement. I feel I improve the quality of my shots and I have a better understanding and control of what I want the camera to do for me…..

Teresita Knapp

Olga’s class for children was really fun and I learned a lot of new things about photography. I now have lots of great photos to put on Facebook. Olga has taken beautiful photos of me in my ballet costumes. Last spring she took all the portraits for our spring ballet show and they were the most beautiful ones we have ever had. I hope that my parents will fly me to LA so that Olga can continue taking my photos.

Amanda Cobb
Age 12

Olga’s work is phenomenal !!! She shoots with ease and makes it fun for all. I am always very very impressed by her work.

Vivian Kaslow, California

Olga’s delightful personality, enthusiasm and simple teaching methods will make your lessons downright fun!

Russell Dean Waters