About US:


My name is Olga Hanyecz.

I am originally from one of the biggest post Soviet Union’s republic, Kazakhstan, but for the last twelve years I’ve traveled around the word a lot and call ¨home¨ Budapest, Hungary, Los Angeles, California and lately Managua, Nicaragua.
I am telling the stories of my life with my camera. My style can be described as photo journalistic. I use natural poses, expressions, light and colors. I finished the complete course of the New York Institute of Photography, the biggest and oldest school in the United States. Some of my pictures were published in a number magazines and I won many awards, but for me the smile and satisfaction of my clients are still the biggest reward.

Photography was always a big part of my life since childhood. In the last few years I found a lot of satisfaction teaching photography to adults and children, from beginner to advanced levels. I developed my own style of teaching and the success of the exhibits of my students speak for themselves.

Hello ! My name is Tanya.

My first conscious acquaintance with the photography happened with the rise of digital cameras, when first camera landed in my hands… It was magical how the picture just appeared on the screen without time consuming developing with chemicals in dark room… After that, my all spare time was dedicated to improving my skills. I travel a lot, so desire to reflect all the beauties of the world , whether it’s a jungles of Brazil, mountains of Peru, dunes of Africa, cities of Europe, glaciers of Alaska or animals of Antarctica is very natural.

So even though I majored in Finance from university of New York I realized that the photography is my passion and the camera is my companion everywhere I go. Soon enough I came to understanding , that exciting journeys do happen even in places that are close to home, especially if you try to look differently threw the lenses of your camera… So welcome to our website and to the journey that we will be taking together!